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Our company understands how much us pet owners miss their fur kids when we aren’t with them. We will send you pictures and updates for every visit so you can see them and make your day a little better knowing your pets are happy and taken care of!

Let PAWSitive to take care of your pet wellness needs and stay confident and relaxed while you’re away.

We are fully bonded and insured with Pet Sitters Associates.

Dog Walking

30 minutes

Does your dog need to get their extra energy out or add some exercise to his routine? With my dog walking services I will come by and take your pup out for walk or jog, letting them explore and live their best dog life.

Starting at


field trips & retreats

Let’s spend some hours together, me and your fur babies that is! When you have a long day ahead of you and want to make sure your pets have some extra time to get fed, walked, and of course loved on then this day care service will do the trick. With the support of this service you will be able to have peace of mind that while you’re away your pets are safe, happy, entertained, exercised and sound.

Includes: Food/Water refills, potty breaks, walks and or play time if necessary, beautification/spa/love time.

Starting at

$40/up to 4 hours/dog

$50/up to 8 hours/dog

Drop in visits

Going out of town for the day or have a long work week in front of you? No need to worry about your pets with drop in visits. I will make sure to let your pets out to go potty, get some play time in or refresh their food and water!

Starting at




This service allows you to relax while we transport your pet to or from the vets, groomers, play date, etc.

Starting at

$15/each ride
Includes: 1-hour service, Water, Potty break


$5/each additional pet

$1 per mile
$2.5 per extra 15 minutes
$5 additional pet
10% additional on Holidays and weekends

How it Works

We feel privileged to have the opportunity to meet you! To get started, we would love to schedule a Meet & Greet allowing you to get to know us and learn more about each other so your fur babies get the best care possible.

Contact us and let us know first what you are looking for!

In person $10, via Zoom is free.

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For more information, or to book with us, get in touch.

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    About margarita


    “If having a soul means being able to feel love, loyalty, and gratitude, then animals are better off than many humans.” -James Herriott.

    I am a Business Administrator, MBA in international business and creator of Studio Sound®, the first studio founded in Colombia dedicated to Zumba® Fitness. After 30 years of working with pets and realizing how much joy it brings me, I followed my passion and made pet sitting my full-time career.

    With the formalization of PAWSitive, I capitalize on my prior experience, customers, and newly available options in the pet care sector to provide custom pet services, in-home pet care and dog walking.

    I am pleased to boast that my business is currently ranked first among dog services in Aventura and surrounded areas of Southern Florida.

    Thanks to my improvisational skills, I walk dogs while riding my scooter, I have experience with oral medication administration, and I count on my fur baby, Cristobal, who is also an active team member of PAWSitive, and fully trained to be a Pack Walks Coach to other doggies.

    I believe every pet should have access to the same loving environment their owners provide for them, when they are away. My main mission is to create a lifetime relationship with your pets, and ensure your pet remains healthy, fit, happy and treated with love & respect!

    include your pet in your special event

    Celebrate with your guests and leave the tails to us!

    We can care for your pet at your special events! PAWSitive offers personalized event planning and expert pet care to ensure everyone in attendance is all smiles and wags on your big day.

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